Why X-Vac Hydro Excavation Trucks?


The Ultimate Underground Excavation Solution

In the past, excavating underground piping systems, utilities, and other critical infrastructure components was performed using mechanical construction equipment, including backhoes and manual labor. This frequently resulted in costly damage to underground systems and very dangerous situations for workers.

Today, X-Vac® hydro excavation technology combines high-pressure water with a positive displacement vacuum system to provide an effective, non-destructive method to excavate underground areas. X-Vac Hydro Excavators set the industry standard and offer a safe and efficient system to locate underground utilities, expose broken water lines, clean-out potholes, and vacuum a wide range of materials.

Our X-Vac Hydro Excavation Trucks feature state-of-the-art blowers, pumps, and control systems to provide the highest level of performance and maximum uptime. Unique modular design concepts deliver clean and intuitive controls and simple, planned maintenance accessibility for critical system components. Managers, operators, and maintenance staff all appreciate the quality, simplicity, and reliability of X-Vac Hydro Excavators.

Every X-Vac Hydro Excavator is engineered, manufactured, and quality-tested at one of our world-class manufacturing facilities. Each sale is supported through factory-direct personnel or local authorized dealers with expertise in training, operation, and maintenance in X-Vac products.

When you choose X-Vac, you’re assured of:

  • Innovative and cost-effective products
  • Robust and reliable components
  • Operator-friendly designs
  • Highest performing and most reliable hydro excavating systems
  • Best engineering, manufacturing, and quality processes
  • Highly trained local field training and operational support
  • Knowledgeable and customer-focused support professionals

Why X-Vac?

It’s simple. At X-Vac, we offer the best products, systems, and support to deliver the most reliable and cost-effective return in the industry.

Contact X-Vac for assistance with your hydro excavating equipment needs.